Emma Robinson

Emma Robinson

Sep 23
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Troll Inc Are Going to EGX

Yes, we're going to EGX and as well as our seriously irreverent mobile games, we'll also be showing off Unwound, a puzzler adventurer for PC.

Take a look at some of our concepts below, if you want to see more hit me up on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or give me a shout on Twitter @Troll_inc.

Jumpasaurus - single screen mobile physics/mechanics puzzler, lovely sketchy graphics!

Fork the Police - I bet you can work out what to do in this mobile game.


Unwound - Narrative led puzzler/adventure in a steampunk world where dumb AI has caused havoc. Bend time and have fun with AI in this bizarre robot-run world.


If you want to see any of the games in action I'll be around EGX on Thursday and Friday, yay!

Jul 24
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Graffiti Grinder Available Now on iOS, Android and Windows!

Graffiti Grinder is available now on iOS, Android and Windows Phone and Store!

Get it for free now and enjoy endless city graffiti-spreading fun!

Launched in time for the Release the Pressure Graffiti, Mural and Street Art festival, Graffiti Grinder features art from artists taking part in the festival!

You can find out more here, or view our press kit here for more images and a load of cool gifs!


Jul 09
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Graffiti & Mural Arts Festival

Release The Pressure Graffiti Festival sees 60 graffiti, street and mural artists come to our wee city to add a bit of colour and class, and we've got a game to match!

The festival, organised by social enterprise UV Arts C.I.C, is bringing artists from all over the world for a weekend of activities starting at Ebrington and taking place all over the city on the 25th and 26th July.

Graffiti Grinder, available free on iOS, Android and Windows Phone will be released on July 23rd to coincide with the festival and will feature art from local graffiti artists.


You can find out more about the festival here, get tickets here and make sure to join the event on Facebok for more updates!

You can also follow the guys on Twitter and show your hype using the hashtags #ReleaseThePressure and #YoureEbrington.








See more about Graffiti Grinder and check out some of the best endless runners about!

May 27
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Graffiti Grinder - Street Art Action

Graffiti Grinder is zipping ever closer to release and to keep you going here's some cool action shots until you can play the game for yourself!

Jumping on Seagulls! A bit of revenge for the nihilistic behaviour of Steven Seagull, hah!

Avoid the Anti-Graffiti Squad or they'll wash away your work!

No game is complete without power-ups!

We're currently on TestFlight and if you'd like access drop me a mail on emma @ troll-inc com, or use the request link on our presskit page!

Graffiti Grinder release date and more info coming soon!

May 14
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Killer Ant Empire Game MMO

I got a message to my own account on Twitter (@AwesEmz) from @KillerANTEmpire asking if I'd tried the Killer Ant Empire Android game, I hadn't but I appreciated the developer reaching out and decided to give it a go.

Usually I wouldn't go looking for this kind of strategy game, nor would I choose a game with bugs in it but I'm open to giving any game a go once. I'm glad I did. While I've only just scratched the surface of Killer Ant Empire I like what I see. The ants are quite cute and the game itself is a nice entry to strategy games on mobile. I'm no expert but this is the sort of game that could make me one as it introduces new elements clearly and at a good pace for even a noob like me.

It's simple enough to play, can be managed with one hand and has enough feedback to allow me to keep track of everything that's going on. And the music is lovely, nice and relaxing putting me in mind of the great background music in Animal Crossing. The one thing I would love to see added is a sort of fast travel so I could click on home or on the berries indicating new food and to be taken straight to it, it would make it a bit quicker for when I only have 10 or 15 minutes at a time to play.

I'm still only discovering the full potential of the game but early impressions are good and I find myself itching to get back to it in between each go! I'd definitely recommend checking Killer Ant Empire Game MMO out. To find out more about the developer you can visit Umz Games website or follow them on Twitter

Apr 27
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Announcing Graffiti Grinder for iOS, Android & Windows Phone

Delighted to announce Graffiti Grinder, our upcoming tribute to street artists everywhere! Coming soon to Androis, iOS and Windows Phone!

Make your mark as you jump, glide and dive through the city, tagging over rival squad graffiti and dodging the Anti-Graffiti squad.


Indie Game Mag said

Are you a teenage rebel with the wind in your hair, anxious to leave your anarchistic mark on the world? I suggest therapy. But if that doesn't seem like a fun way to spend your afternoons, then perhaps Graffiti Grinder is more your style. You problem-child.

See Graffiti Grinder on Indie Game Mag's Screenshot Weekly

We have a press kit available here and will be adding info on release dates as we get it. If you'd like a review copy, or to be added to our TestFlight drop me a line at emma [at] troll-inc.com

Apr 13
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Jellyflug Micro Adventures on iOS, Android and Windows Phone

Jellyflug: Micro Adventures is now available on Android, iOS and Windows Phone!

A director's cut of our first game, Micro Adventures is a new take on Jellyflug, with tighter controls, more easily accessible levels and even more fun! Grash, our tiny bacterial hero, must use his baby-flinging abilities to battle the rotten germs and bugs from the kitchen to the bathroom and even inside the human body!

You can get the game free on

Google Play

Check out the baby-flinging bacterium in action!

Want to see some more screenies? We've got a press kit here!

There's also a version for fancy-pants Mac users, this one will cost you a couple of bucks but it's still less than a fancy-pants coffee so go ahead, treat yourself!

Apr 01
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Outdoor Classroom with Custom School Apps!

Another addition to the Custom School App is the Outdoor Classroom which allows you to plan a lesson for outside of your normal classroom from your phone or tablet!

  • Upload documents, pictures and other learning resources for handy reference on the go!
  • Use your device while out and about to record your activities and your student's reactions!
  • Add photographs from your trips outside the classroom!

You can create multiple lessons for the Outdoor Classroom and save them for reuse, or edit and update them to ensure your lessons are always up to date. With the easy to use upload system each teacher in your school can create their own outdoor lesson plans, and share them with other teachers.

What are you waiting for? Go explore a park, the beach, even the trees surrounding your school safe in the knowledge that all you need for a productive and fun lesson is right in your hand at all times!

For more information on what a custom school app can do for you please drop me a mail on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


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New School App Features

Share Success Stories with Your Custom School App

Mar 20
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New Features for Custom School Apps

Following our surveys with students, staff and parents we have now added a bunch of new features to our custom school apps!

Instant Messaging to All Users

Now you can send quick and easy messages to all users within the app! Great for reminders, notifications and even last minute updates such as school closures and snow days.

Back to School Checklists

Make sure you have everything you need with customised back to school checklists including school uniform checklists for parents, textbook checklists for pupils and individual checklists for any clubs and societies! Easily updated in school, these checklists can be added and removed as necessary.

Exam Checklists

Let students see when and where their exams right on their mobile. Each checklist can be updated in school, allowing individual teachers to add reminders, notes and recommended study guides for each exam.

Study Guides

Show students how to plan a revision timetable, how to prepare for oral exams and how to make the most of the time in an exam with a handy study guides sections. This section can be updated in school with new topics added as required, making this an ideal project for student councils or homework and study clubs. 

Video Tutorials and Lessons

Add tutorials for coding, video editing and other skills that may not have a full subject devoted to them. Include videos from your teachers, recording of lessons for revision or catch up, examples of science experiments to write up, or videos of guest speakers in your school. Allow your students to develop their own educational videos and share them also!

eBooks Library

With more and more resources available for teachers to create eBooks, your school app can now build a library of all your own content and students can access these books any time from their mobile phones and tablets.

We also offer bespoke features as requested!

To find out how a custom school app can make life easier for your students, parents and staff drop an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. now!

Feb 20
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Game Dev, Code & Animation Workshops for Schools!

Have you heard about Troll Inc's workshops for schools? We offer coding, animation, video production and game development workshops tailored to suit your students.

Whether you're just starting to introduce coding, or you've already got a few budding developers at work, we can provide specialised training across a huge variety or programs and packages. Your students could even end up with a game on the App Store, Google Play and Windows, like Chicken Jumper, designed by Thornhill College students!


From simple event driven programming in Scratch to advanced coding and visual effects in Unity, we have it all. Our tutors are highly experienced with multiple games and apps released, this practical experience allows students an exclusive look at professional development. Don't just take my word for it, see what others have said!

Feedback from Honeycomb Unity workshop participants:
"The most valuable part of the course was talking to experienced instructors."
"I liked the step by step guidance."

“I really loved the Unity3D programming course led by Gavin McLaughlin in the AMMA centre. The space was comfortable and the computers were hi-spec and running like a dream. Gavin's teaching style suited me - understated, good pacing, everything clearly explained. He told us the story and context of what was happening at each stage, and we followed along at our own pace. My programming skills are not very advanced, but I felt I could progress with help from the tutor team. I look forward to attending another course with this team to advance my skills.”
Mags Amond

Troll Inc have worked with School Employer Connections devising curriculum linked workshops for 11 to 18 year olds. They have demonstrated the ability to adapt work to specific age groups in both delivery and content. Troll Inc show expertise and dedication to their own work which they use to support the school community.
Vivienne Kerr, School Employer Connections

Troll Inc conducted a 3 day workshop for the ICT department at St. Mary's College. The workshops were extremely professional, well organised, appropriately pitched and backed up with suitable support materials and follow on advice. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them.
Clare Mclaugh, Head of ICT, St. Mary's College

Get in touch now to find out how Troll Inc can offer something new and innovative to your students.

Would you like an app for your school? Get your students in on design and development to create a custom app allowing staff, students and parents to stay updated on all your school's activity on their smartphones and tablets!

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