Apr 01
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Outdoor Classroom with Custom School Apps!

Another addition to the Custom School App is the Outdoor Classroom which allows you to plan a lesson for outside of your normal classroom from your phone or tablet!

  • Upload documents, pictures and other learning resources for handy reference on the go!
  • Use your device while out and about to record your activities and your student's reactions!
  • Add photographs from your trips outside the classroom!

You can create multiple lessons for the Outdoor Classroom and save them for reuse, or edit and update them to ensure your lessons are always up to date. With the easy to use upload system each teacher in your school can create their own outdoor lesson plans, and share them with other teachers.

What are you waiting for? Go explore a park, the beach, even the trees surrounding your school safe in the knowledge that all you need for a productive and fun lesson is right in your hand at all times!

For more information on what a custom school app can do for you please drop me a mail on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


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