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New Features for Custom School Apps

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Following our surveys with students, staff and parents we have now added a bunch of new features to our custom school apps!

Instant Messaging to All Users

Now you can send quick and easy messages to all users within the app! Great for reminders, notifications and even last minute updates such as school closures and snow days.

Back to School Checklists

Make sure you have everything you need with customised back to school checklists including school uniform checklists for parents, textbook checklists for pupils and individual checklists for any clubs and societies! Easily updated in school, these checklists can be added and removed as necessary.

Exam Checklists

Let students see when and where their exams right on their mobile. Each checklist can be updated in school, allowing individual teachers to add reminders, notes and recommended study guides for each exam.

Study Guides

Show students how to plan a revision timetable, how to prepare for oral exams and how to make the most of the time in an exam with a handy study guides sections. This section can be updated in school with new topics added as required, making this an ideal project for student councils or homework and study clubs. 

Video Tutorials and Lessons

Add tutorials for coding, video editing and other skills that may not have a full subject devoted to them. Include videos from your teachers, recording of lessons for revision or catch up, examples of science experiments to write up, or videos of guest speakers in your school. Allow your students to develop their own educational videos and share them also!

eBooks Library

With more and more resources available for teachers to create eBooks, your school app can now build a library of all your own content and students can access these books any time from their mobile phones and tablets.

We also offer bespoke features as requested!

To find out how a custom school app can make life easier for your students, parents and staff drop an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. now!

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