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Medical Me! Now Available on iOS!

Medical Me! is the handy iOS app for keeping your own medical history up to date.

Designed by Amy Mullan and Rachel McGivern from Thornhill College as part of the Creative Schools App Challenge, Medical Me! is the handiest way to keep all your medical information in one place! Available free from the Apple App Store, and compatible with iPhone and iPad, Medical Me! allows you to:

Record your
- Appointments
- Medical Contacts
- Ongoing Conditions
- Inoculations & Injections
- Operations & Procedures
- Allergies
- Personal Details
- Prescriptions
- Next of Kin Details
- And More!

Store all this information safely in your phone with your password protected account.
Set reminders for your appointments.
Add your own notes, images and attachments.
Create multiple accounts to keep track of all your family.
Never lose track of treatments across multiple appointments and healthcare providers.

Try it yourself today and see how handy it is!

Please click here for more information and press inquiries.


May 01
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Video Game Crafts

A great game can do many things, take you to kingdoms where princesses are to be rescued, abandon you in scary alien infested space, convince you there’s cake and make you time travel to 4am in a matter of minutes as you had ‘one more go’.

They can also inspire all manner of weird and wonderful fan made projects. Anything from Pac-Man to Portal can inspire some art or craft, I’ve gathered some of the best to prove my point!


Crochet & Knitting

As a needle and hook happy gamer myself I’m always most fascinated by these projects.

1. Knit Metroid Scarf by MadMouseMedia

2. Needlework Pokemon Master by Ally

3. Crochet Portal Blanket by DoctorMoo

4. Needlework Okami by Alison Harding

5. Quilted 1Up Mushroom Blanket by shan-E-bear


Perler and Hama Beads

Perfect for pixel art, there are millions of awesome Perler and Hama bead creations all over the net. I’ve been known to dabble with Hama beads the odd time (every pixel lover probably does), check out some of my own wee creations below.

I couldn’t possibly share all the great bead sprites out there but have already created the Perler Crafts Round Up.



Another cool way to express your inner fanboy, from simple weaving to full on high quality poster printing!

1. Papercut Piranha Plant by Cutting Pixels

2. Stencil Art Mushroom by Vickie Howell

3. Post-It Pac-Man

4. Poster Bioshock Education by TheInkBlot



If you’ve got the talent for it you can make cool plushies, teddies, cuddlies or whatever else you want to call them. The Super Meat Boy is my favourite!

1. Plush Super Meat Boy by MelloReflecions

2. Plush Zergling by Ange

3. Cosy Achievement Unlocked by SewTara



I’ve seen a load of cool stuff done with clay but I’ve never attempted it myself. Luckily my very talented friend, Dearbhla Smith, can work wonders with the stuff so I’ll never have to learn! Check out her Game Boy earrings!


This and That

There are that many cool video related crafts that can be made from anything, here’s a collection of some of my other favourites that don’t really fall into any category.

1. Xbox Controller Ring by egyptianruin

2. Mass Effect Apron by Bryana’s Designs

3. Pac-Man Ukulele by celentanowoodworks

4. Wonder Woman Apron by Bethany’s Sew & Sew

5. GLaDOS Cosplay

6. Comic Bows by SherryKCreations

Apr 15
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Chicken Jumper on iOS, Android and Windows Phone - Reviews

"Graphics are amazing", "simple but fun" and "addicting" are just some of the reviews we've had for Chicken Jumper so far.

If you've downloaded the game on iOS, Android or Windows Phone why not let us know what you think of Chicken Jumper by leaving your review now!

Chicken Jumper on iOS

Chicken Jumper on Android

Chicken Jumper on Windows Phone

If you haven't got Chicken Jumper yet then follow the links above to check out all the great reviews and download it for yourself! As one reviewer put it - "You can be a robot chicken! What more can you ask for?"

Apr 14
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Meet Chicken Jumper

Three weeks ago we began development on a game designed by local students, and it falls to me, a programmer at Troll Inc, to introduce you to the game without trying to bore you with too much information.

Meet Chicken Jumper, our new game thanks to local schools and the Creative Schools App Challenge, out now on AndroidiOS and Windows phone. The side scrolling endless runner will have you fighting over high scores as you try to be the best out of your friends as it has done with us in the office.

RUN! The crazy Felix the Fox is HUNGRY! And he has a massive craving for CHICKEN! Jump between the clouds and use the super power-ups to escape Felix's grasp! How long can YOU survive!? High speed arcade action! Fun, colourful graphics! Collect super power-ups!

The entire game was designed by five girls from a local school, Thornhill College, who got involved with the Creative Schools App challenge and would see their designs be turned into a fully fledged game.

The girls responsible for the design are;

Méabh Lynch

Emma Lynch

Rachel Biggs

Bronagh Feeney

Clódagh Laverty

The Creative Schools App Challenge powered by CultureTECH and funded by DCAL, saw pupils in teams of up to 5 members, from schools from across the North-West creating ideas for apps. Where the best were invited to a workshop to help develop their ideas into full designs with the help of local professionals. The best were shortlisted from the rest and were sent to local developers to turn the ideas into full apps. That’s where we come in, we were given two apps to develop, Chicken Jumper, and another, Medical Me. Both apps designed by local students and will be released to app store.

When development began 3 weeks ago, we all sat down and read through the application for the game and tried to figure out how the game would play and recognise the limits we had with the time given. The most important things to achieve were a quality prototype for the students for their great idea, but still manage to get the game completed within the deadline.

After the first week of development we had a solid prototype in place with all the core functionality we needed, now we could focus on making the game great and fun to play. We worked thoroughly on the game to make sure that the game felt right and gameplay was consistent. We sent the girls a copy of the game so far for any feedback, and fortunately they were happy with the progress we had made.

By the end of the second week, we were in a strong position with the game and were ready to look at preparing the game for release. We had the game sent up to the app store and as an added bonus to the original application we added the game to Android devices and Windows phone so that everyone can play the game.

I have been playing the game on my windows phone for the last week, trying to get the best score I can, but so far my best score, and the best score in the office, is 7618 but I’m sure it won't be too long until someone passes me again and I feel the urge to beat them and maintain my title as best in the office.


Go now and download the game, try to beat my score and try to be the best out of all your friends!

iOS Link

Android Link

Windows Phone Link



Apr 09
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How To Apply For a Placement or Work Experience

We often get emails asking if we can offer work experience or placements. Most companies get a lot of these requests and usually can’t spend a lot of time looking through them all. Here is a list of tips for students to help your request be easily processed by employers.

Unfortunately we never have enough space to take on all students but we strive to place as many as possible throughout the year. If you are interested in a placement at Troll Inc feel free to drop us a line at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Apr 02
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Top 10 Video Game Shoes!

I love shoes, I love them so much you'd think I was a stereotype in a sitcom. Doesn't matter if it's real shoes or video game shoes, I love them all! In case you've been missing all the wonderful shoes out there in video game land here's 10 of the best!

10 - Sonic's Power Sneakers
Probably the first video game shoes you'll think of, Sonic's shoes are as iconic as his blue spikes and an obvious inclusion in any video game shoe list.

9 - Wanted, Amiga
I can't have a list of shoes of any kind without including some cowboy boots. The Gunslinger in Wanted just wants to shine his boots and shoot bad guys, and he's all out of shoe shine.

8 - Bayonetta's Gun Heels
Got an angel giving you hell? This girl knows how to deal with that and look great all at once!

7 - Chun Li, Street Fighter X Tekken
When you're famed for your lightning kicks you need a pair of boots that'll hold up. Chun Li's awesome white combat boots are just the ticket!

6 - Mario's Shoes
When you need to jump, jump and jump again these are your best choice. Ya-hoo!

5 - Samus, Metroid Prime and Super Smash Bros. Brawl
While her boots are technically part of her suits they are so beautiful that Samus deserves to makes my list.

4 - Link's Hover Boots, Ocarina of Time
These bad boys are stylish and practical, allowing you to walk on water. Be brave and trust in the boots!

3 - Kicks' Shoe Collection, New Leaf
Just when I thought Animal Crossing couldn't get any better they go and give Kicks his own shop. In New Leaf you can buy shoes, socks and tights to match any outfit, perfect! My favourite are the Ballet Slippers at the minute but it changes daily, so many shoes!

2 - Ashley, Resident Evil 4
Ah Ashley, you rock and suck all at once. I don't know how many times I've shot you in the head or sliced your bake because you got in my way. I can't hate you too much though, your boots are gorgeous, even when caught in bear traps!

1 - Her, Shoe 'Em Up
Okay so this one isn't even finished yet and it's my own game, but I didn't do the art so I'm allowed to include it as my favourite shoe from a game! It's only a tiny sneak peek but still enough to see it's the cutest pixel shoe bullet ever!

Mar 31
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Origin Saying See Ye To CDs

Origin, EA's free game service, is "going all digital" from April 4th. Any games you want to buy and play through Origin will have to be downloaded, with no more physical copies available.

So far I haven't met anyone who will actually be affected by this, most of us have happily made the transition to digital downloads so will feel no real effect of this. A regular Steam-style sale though, that's something we'd all be interested in seeing from Origin. Suppose for now Origin's On The House program will have to do - if you haven't got your free Dead Space yet then follow this link, you have until May 8th.


Mar 06
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Video Game Music As You've (Probably) Never Heard It Before

Music in video games plays a major role in the experience, from setting the atmosphere to alerting you to danger, it can be something that sticks in your head forever or it can put you off a game altogether. Here, I've gathered some of the best alternative versions of classic video game music.

My favourite video game track ever has to be Big Blue from F-Zero. I couldn't find a good acapella version of it so Mute City, another brilliant track, earned a spot on this list instead. I played this in a car once and full expected it to transform into the Blue Falcon. It didn't but I was glad I'd worn my Captain Falcon outfit regardless.

Castlevania is a favourite in the office with one of our artists insisting it make this list, though this is my pick as the version of Vampire Killer you should check out.

Banjo-Kazooie is another game filled with absolutely brilliant music, loads of fun to listen to. Here the University of Maryland Gamer Symphony Orchestra give us their take on it with a medley.

Tetris is so widely known that even a slight humming of the first few notes will have everyone joining in quite quickly. I found a cool video of a business card that you can play Tetris on, yeah, a business card! The music is quite low but I was able to hear it okay with headphones, even without audio this business card is worth checking out.

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time is a fantastic game with a soundtrack to match. One of our programmers put it very well saying, "The Forest Temple's got one of the creepiest pieces of music ever. Really sets the tone for the first temple Link has to do as an adult. Everything's still a bit unknown and weird and the music really puts that across while it matched the visuals of the temple perfectly." There is no other version I'd rather share so we're going with the original here.

We recently posted a sneak peak of the music from one of our upcoming project, you can read more about how it was made here.

Another video I found while checking out the videos was The Evolution of Video Games Epic Medley, Made in Mario Paint Composer! This is great for a game of Name That Theme, it's what I'll be playing this lunchtime.

Feb 28
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What's Your High Score?

After spending the morning testing our upcoming game, Antibody Assault, a battle for supremacy on any and every leaderboard broke out, with everyone chipping in on their best and most enjoyable high score game. See our favourites below!


Me - Subway Surfers


The game I go to most often to pass short bus trips or time spent in waiting rooms. It’s so quick and easy to pick up and get sucked into that I’ve missed my busstop at least twice thanks to Subway Surfers. My favourite mobile game simply because I’m top of the leaderboard having DESTROYED my friends with an impressive (if I do say so myself) 2670930!








Felix - Antibody Assault


Felix beat us all at Troll Inc’s own Antibody Assault this morning and made sure to brag until I nearly shed a tear. This was my first time playing it and it earned a spot in the list of games I’ll always go back to pretty quickly. It’s fun, easy to pick up and hard to put down. It’s been a while since we’ve had a morning of shouting over who gets next go, I just hope you enjoy it as much once it’s released.












Thomas - Rayman Jungle Run


As well as being an absolutely gorgeous game, Rayman Jungle Run is another quick go game but this one allows for more competition with a high score per level rather than one overall leaderboard. Thomas is top of each and every one of these leaderboards with a perfect score on every level he played.








Ryan - Threes


I have yet to play Threes myself as Ryan will not give up his phone long enough for anyone to have a go. I doubt I’d want to take him on anyway, he seems to be way too into it for me to ever beat him!














Dominic - Buck Hunter


Based in the arcade at the local Bowling Alley Dominic has claimed to be the best! We can’t get a screenshot to confirm but I’m pushing for an office day out, bowling, some food and some games, so we can all go see Dominic’s score.















Niall - Fruit Ninja


Another classic leaderboard battle game, top place goes to Niall with his score of 605, a score I was determined to beat until I realised it is actually still a work day and I have loads more to do. I’m free tonight though, I’ll not stop ‘til I take first place!





Alan - Eyegor’s Eye Blast

Another one I have never played myself but Alan (also know as Mullet) declared himself undisputed champion, though the screenie he provided looks more like unchallenged champion! I see this as another chance to beat someone else’s score!




There are the Troll’s claims to gaming greatness, well gaming goodness at least. At the minute we’re all pretty focused on Antibody Assault, everyone is volunteering to test it all of a sudden, they claim it has nothing to do with knocking Felix off the leaderboard but I smell the competitiveness in the air!

We’ll keep you updated with Antibody Assault updates here, or you can follow us on Twitter and Like us on Facebook for updates, promos and more!

Feb 27
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Grand Theft Audio

Recently we have been implementing audio into several of our games and thought it would be interesting to give you the lowdown on what’s done in this area. Our sound designer escaped (for a while) to The Oaks Recording Studio to record some sound effects for upcoming games.

The Oaks Recording Studio, located in Enniskillen, offer a professional and tranquil area to clients, ranging from Country to Extreme Metal bands and others. They also offer mobile recording in addition to studio based projects. The studio has been in operation for 10 years under the skilled, watchful eye of its owner and producer, John Moffatt. They have recently refurbished the studios live and control rooms, matching all industry and professional standards.  They are currently working on a vocal booth/amp cab room that will be available soon.


Our sound designer shared with us his experience of working with the studio, showing its unique way of working compared to other studios and how they gave him the freedom to use his creative ideas without the constraints that would occur in other studios.

When asked if there was a possibility of working with the studio in the future, he agreed saying

“The quality of production along with the speed and experience of the team makes the oaks a perfect location for any recordings.” The sound designer then went on to explain the process of making sounds, including chopping recorded sessions into individual sections and spacing them out to add other effects. However not all these sounds end up in the final game and a large amount of audio can end up unused.

There may be 50 takes at a jump grunt for example, but only 3 will be used in the final game”

Well I hope you enjoyed learning about the process and you can be sure that we will be bringing you more on this and The Oaks Recording Studio in the future.

There is also a new sneak peek at the music for our upcoming game.

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