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Emma Robinson

May 26
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Troll Inc Release Jellyflug Antibody Assault On Android Press Release

Troll Inc, a small development studio in Northern Ireland, has brought back the popular germs and bacteria from their 2012 game Jellyflug in Antibody Assault, released on Android and iOS on Monday 19th May.

This ‘love letter to Pac-Man’, Antibody Assault is an exciting maze game featuring the cutest of the gross microbes in your body. You are the body’s first line of defence against bacteria as you eat all the germs and collect power-ups to defeat the enemies and get the highest score.


Over 45 maze levels taking you all around the body.

Upgradable power-ups, such as invisibility, time freeze and magnets to boost scores.

Assault mode turns the tables on the enemies as you become the chaser.

Integration with Facebook makes bragging about your high score even easier.

Intuitive touch controls for simple movement through the mazes. 

Antibody Assault is available for Android and iOS devices for free from Monday 19th May. For more information and full press kit please click here.
Feel free to email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with any questions.


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May 24
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X-Men Days of Future Past Review

I must point out that I’m aware there is a Days of Future Past X-Men comic but I have never read it and know nothing of the story or main characters in it. My love of X-Men comes primarily from X-Men: The Animated Series, boosted by the films. As such, this review will not even touch on any similarity or difference between this film and the comic.


Days of Future Past starts out dark, really dark. We’ve got a future where terrifying mutant-ability-absorbing Sentinels are kicking the ass of mutants, potential mutants and mutant sympathisers, to the point of Earth being pretty beat up. All this as a result of Bolivar Trask’s Sentinel programme, which got approved due to his death at the hands of Mystique. How does one go about fixing such a problem? Send someone back in time to convince Mystique not to bump off Trask. Kitty Pryde can use her teleportation ability to send the mind of someone back but as it’s pretty hard going, the obvious choice of Charles Xavier isn’t going to work. Step up Wolverine, who, with Magneto and Xavier, showed up to help Pryde and her band of merry mutants (which also included Ice Man, Colossus, Blink and some others). So far so good. And it just gets better.


In one of the easiest to follow time travel stories ever, Wolverine teams up with young Xavier and Beast to break Magneto out of the Pentagon’s impenetrable, metal free prison so they can all go stop Mystique. To get Magneto out they ask Quicksilver for help, resulting in the funniest bit of the film. The comedy was well placed after the grim opening and the slightly heavy ability-killing drug addicted Xavier we found at the run down school.


Once Magneto joined the team it was onto finding Mystique. Mystique has always been one of my favourite characters, particularly Jennifer Lawrence’s conflicted and out of place Mystique from First Class. In DoFP, the young woman left alone due to government imprisonment of her most accepting ally (remember the “I want to see the real you” scene from First Class?) and the experimentation on (and presumed death) of the other surviving First Class gang, is hurt, angry at authority and willing to go to drastic lengths to ensure she does what she feels is just, mirroring many young woman’s lib supporters of the mid ‘70s (whether they were mutant or not) and giving her more depth and even more relatability. Her desire to kill Trask is shared by the audience, even though we know of the hell it will unleash.


We’re reminded of that hell as DoFP flashes every so often to the Sentinels moving in on the present day Xavier and co. This provides an already mutant packed film with even more characters that are easily kept track of for more devoted fans of the series. The past story moves along well with fan serving nods and references to people and incidents in the other films, including a Wolverine and Stryker bit and a reference to Wolverine’s bone claws being metal. None of these were invasive or offensive, rather they made sure to include some of the best bits of the weaker X-Men films.


All these elements - the huge number of mutants, the time travel, the paradox of Young and Old - added to the kick-ass action sequences and identifiable theme of ‘getting back on track’ to result in great storytelling that is improved further by the stellar cast. James McAvoy and Patrick Stewart, such different Xaviers but such equal passion and conviction in their portrayals. Hugh Jackman IS Wolverine. Jennifer Lawrence magnificently delivers a rageful, aggressive Mystique. Ian McKellen has a match in Michael Fassbender who steals the show!


All in, Days of Future Past is captivating, giving audiences something to believe in, root for and celebrate with in a story that, although widely spread and all encompassing, remains enjoyable and easy to follow. A must see for all X-Men fans and even a pretty good way to spend a night at the cinema for non fans, Days of Future Past makes the top 5 of my favourite superhero movies after only one viewing.

May 07
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Jellyflug Antibody Assault Released on iOS and Android

You are Antibody, the body's first line of defence against bacteria! Eat all the germs while dodging enemies as you make your way through increasingly difficult levels in a race to the top of the leader board.

The most recent game in the Jellyflug series, Antibody Assault sees a welcome return to the well loved germs and bacteria in a whole new setting as platforming action is swapped for crazy maze fun where you are chased by big Bacteroids!

Power ups, such as Time Freeze, Magnets and Invisibility will give Antibody a boost, while Assault Mode lets you turn the tables on the Bacteroids and chase them down in this fun fast paced adventure!

Download Antibody Assault now on iOS and Android for hours of high score chasing fun across loads of levels!

Please click here for more information and press enquiries.

May 06
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Medical Me! Now Available on iOS!

Medical Me! is the handy iOS app for keeping your own medical history up to date.

Designed by Amy Mullan and Rachel McGivern from Thornhill College as part of the Creative Schools App Challenge, Medical Me! is the handiest way to keep all your medical information in one place! Available free from the Apple App Store, and compatible with iPhone and iPad, Medical Me! allows you to:

Record your
- Appointments
- Medical Contacts
- Ongoing Conditions
- Inoculations & Injections
- Operations & Procedures
- Allergies
- Personal Details
- Prescriptions
- Next of Kin Details
- And More!

Store all this information safely in your phone with your password protected account.
Set reminders for your appointments.
Add your own notes, images and attachments.
Create multiple accounts to keep track of all your family.
Never lose track of treatments across multiple appointments and healthcare providers.

Try it yourself today and see how handy it is!

Please click here for more information and press inquiries.


May 01
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Video Game Crafts

A great game can do many things, take you to kingdoms where princesses are to be rescued, abandon you in scary alien infested space, convince you there’s cake and make you time travel to 4am in a matter of minutes as you had ‘one more go’.

They can also inspire all manner of weird and wonderful fan made projects. Anything from Pac-Man to Portal can inspire some art or craft, I’ve gathered some of the best to prove my point!


Crochet & Knitting

As a needle and hook happy gamer myself I’m always most fascinated by these projects.

1. Knit Metroid Scarf by MadMouseMedia

2. Needlework Pokemon Master by Ally

3. Crochet Portal Blanket by DoctorMoo

4. Needlework Okami by Alison Harding

5. Quilted 1Up Mushroom Blanket by shan-E-bear


Perler and Hama Beads

Perfect for pixel art, there are millions of awesome Perler and Hama bead creations all over the net. I’ve been known to dabble with Hama beads the odd time (every pixel lover probably does), check out some of my own wee creations below.

I couldn’t possibly share all the great bead sprites out there but GeekCrafts.com have already created the Perler Crafts Round Up.



Another cool way to express your inner fanboy, from simple weaving to full on high quality poster printing!

1. Papercut Piranha Plant by Cutting Pixels

2. Stencil Art Mushroom by Vickie Howell

3. Post-It Pac-Man

4. Poster Bioshock Education by TheInkBlot



If you’ve got the talent for it you can make cool plushies, teddies, cuddlies or whatever else you want to call them. The Super Meat Boy is my favourite!

1. Plush Super Meat Boy by MelloReflecions

2. Plush Zergling by Ange

3. Cosy Achievement Unlocked by SewTara



I’ve seen a load of cool stuff done with clay but I’ve never attempted it myself. Luckily my very talented friend, Dearbhla Smith, can work wonders with the stuff so I’ll never have to learn! Check out her Game Boy earrings!


This and That

There are that many cool video related crafts that can be made from anything, here’s a collection of some of my other favourites that don’t really fall into any category.

1. Xbox Controller Ring by egyptianruin

2. Mass Effect Apron by Bryana’s Designs

3. Pac-Man Ukulele by celentanowoodworks

4. Wonder Woman Apron by Bethany’s Sew & Sew

5. GLaDOS Cosplay

6. Comic Bows by SherryKCreations

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