Sep 23
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Troll Inc Are Going to EGX

Yes, we're going to EGX and as well as our seriously irreverent mobile games, we'll also be showing off Unwound, a puzzler adventurer for PC.

Take a look at some of our concepts below, if you want to see more hit me up on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or give me a shout on Twitter @Troll_inc.

Jumpasaurus - single screen mobile physics/mechanics puzzler, lovely sketchy graphics!

Fork the Police - I bet you can work out what to do in this mobile game.


Unwound - Narrative led puzzler/adventure in a steampunk world where dumb AI has caused havoc. Bend time and have fun with AI in this bizarre robot-run world.


If you want to see any of the games in action I'll be around EGX on Thursday and Friday, yay!

Feb 28
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What's Your High Score?

After spending the morning testing our upcoming game, Antibody Assault, a battle for supremacy on any and every leaderboard broke out, with everyone chipping in on their best and most enjoyable high score game. See our favourites below!


Me - Subway Surfers


The game I go to most often to pass short bus trips or time spent in waiting rooms. It’s so quick and easy to pick up and get sucked into that I’ve missed my busstop at least twice thanks to Subway Surfers. My favourite mobile game simply because I’m top of the leaderboard having DESTROYED my friends with an impressive (if I do say so myself) 2670930!








Felix - Antibody Assault


Felix beat us all at Troll Inc’s own Antibody Assault this morning and made sure to brag until I nearly shed a tear. This was my first time playing it and it earned a spot in the list of games I’ll always go back to pretty quickly. It’s fun, easy to pick up and hard to put down. It’s been a while since we’ve had a morning of shouting over who gets next go, I just hope you enjoy it as much once it’s released.












Thomas - Rayman Jungle Run


As well as being an absolutely gorgeous game, Rayman Jungle Run is another quick go game but this one allows for more competition with a high score per level rather than one overall leaderboard. Thomas is top of each and every one of these leaderboards with a perfect score on every level he played.








Ryan - Threes


I have yet to play Threes myself as Ryan will not give up his phone long enough for anyone to have a go. I doubt I’d want to take him on anyway, he seems to be way too into it for me to ever beat him!














Dominic - Buck Hunter


Based in the arcade at the local Bowling Alley Dominic has claimed to be the best! We can’t get a screenshot to confirm but I’m pushing for an office day out, bowling, some food and some games, so we can all go see Dominic’s score.















Niall - Fruit Ninja


Another classic leaderboard battle game, top place goes to Niall with his score of 605, a score I was determined to beat until I realised it is actually still a work day and I have loads more to do. I’m free tonight though, I’ll not stop ‘til I take first place!





Alan - Eyegor’s Eye Blast

Another one I have never played myself but Alan (also know as Mullet) declared himself undisputed champion, though the screenie he provided looks more like unchallenged champion! I see this as another chance to beat someone else’s score!




There are the Troll’s claims to gaming greatness, well gaming goodness at least. At the minute we’re all pretty focused on Antibody Assault, everyone is volunteering to test it all of a sudden, they claim it has nothing to do with knocking Felix off the leaderboard but I smell the competitiveness in the air!

We’ll keep you updated with Antibody Assault updates here, or you can follow us on Twitter and Like us on Facebook for updates, promos and more!


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