Jul 24
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Graffiti Grinder Available Now on iOS, Android and Windows!

Graffiti Grinder is available now on iOS, Android and Windows Phone and Store!

Get it for free now and enjoy endless city graffiti-spreading fun!

Launched in time for the Release the Pressure Graffiti, Mural and Street Art festival, Graffiti Grinder features art from artists taking part in the festival!

You can find out more here, or view our press kit here for more images and a load of cool gifs!


Jul 09
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Graffiti & Mural Arts Festival

Release The Pressure Graffiti Festival sees 60 graffiti, street and mural artists come to our wee city to add a bit of colour and class, and we've got a game to match!

The festival, organised by social enterprise UV Arts C.I.C, is bringing artists from all over the world for a weekend of activities starting at Ebrington and taking place all over the city on the 25th and 26th July.

Graffiti Grinder, available free on iOS, Android and Windows Phone will be released on July 23rd to coincide with the festival and will feature art from local graffiti artists.


You can find out more about the festival here, get tickets here and make sure to join the event on Facebok for more updates!

You can also follow the guys on Twitter and show your hype using the hashtags #ReleaseThePressure and #YoureEbrington.








See more about Graffiti Grinder and check out some of the best endless runners about!

May 27
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Graffiti Grinder - Street Art Action

Graffiti Grinder is zipping ever closer to release and to keep you going here's some cool action shots until you can play the game for yourself!

Jumping on Seagulls! A bit of revenge for the nihilistic behaviour of Steven Seagull, hah!

Avoid the Anti-Graffiti Squad or they'll wash away your work!

No game is complete without power-ups!

We're currently on TestFlight and if you'd like access drop me a mail on emma @ troll-inc com, or use the request link on our presskit page!

Graffiti Grinder release date and more info coming soon!

Apr 27
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Announcing Graffiti Grinder for iOS, Android & Windows Phone

Delighted to announce Graffiti Grinder, our upcoming tribute to street artists everywhere! Coming soon to Androis, iOS and Windows Phone!

Make your mark as you jump, glide and dive through the city, tagging over rival squad graffiti and dodging the Anti-Graffiti squad.


Indie Game Mag said

Are you a teenage rebel with the wind in your hair, anxious to leave your anarchistic mark on the world? I suggest therapy. But if that doesn't seem like a fun way to spend your afternoons, then perhaps Graffiti Grinder is more your style. You problem-child.

See Graffiti Grinder on Indie Game Mag's Screenshot Weekly

We have a press kit available here and will be adding info on release dates as we get it. If you'd like a review copy, or to be added to our TestFlight drop me a line at emma [at] troll-inc.com

Apr 13
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Jellyflug Micro Adventures on iOS, Android and Windows Phone

Jellyflug: Micro Adventures is now available on Android, iOS and Windows Phone!

A director's cut of our first game, Micro Adventures is a new take on Jellyflug, with tighter controls, more easily accessible levels and even more fun! Grash, our tiny bacterial hero, must use his baby-flinging abilities to battle the rotten germs and bugs from the kitchen to the bathroom and even inside the human body!

You can get the game free on

Google Play

Check out the baby-flinging bacterium in action!

Want to see some more screenies? We've got a press kit here!

There's also a version for fancy-pants Mac users, this one will cost you a couple of bucks but it's still less than a fancy-pants coffee so go ahead, treat yourself!

Jan 26
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Grand Theft Seagull Trailer

Grand Theft Seagull coming 2nd February 2015!

Nov 24
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Star Troll is Out Now on Android, iOS and Windows Phone

After weeks of waiting it's Star Troll time!

Available for free on Android, iOS, Windows Phone and Windows Store so there's no escaping the action packed alien destruction!

  • Retro style pixel graphics and addictive survival based gameplay!
  • Hazardous obstacles to overcome as you power your way through the nebulae of space!
  • Different weapon levels awarded by defeating the menace and activating your power up system!
  • Epic boss battles with shifting mechanics and behaviours!
  • Troll the Galaxy!

How long can you survive? Well, what are you waiting for?

Press Kit available here!

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Nov 20
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Democracy: The Social Justice Board Game Now on iOS

Board game fans will be happy to know that Democracy is now available on iOS, a handy way to experience the full game in any setting.

Up to 6 players can join a game and let social justice ruin the dictatorship! Or play as the Dictator and decide how you'll play to gain votes!

  • With climate change, human rights, the economy, civil unrest, social stability and elections!
  • Control and develop education, health, agriculture, housing and military.
  • Manage economic collapse and natural disasters.
  • Play for votes and power! How will you fare in elections?
  • Will you use domination or co-operation to gain votes?

Democracy - the fate of the world is in your hands.

Democracy by Geepy Games available now on iOS for £1.99 (2.49EUR).



Nov 04
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Troll the Galaxy with Star Troll Trailer

Trailer for Star Troll on Android, iOS and Windows. #TrollTheGalaxy

Available Monday 24th November!

STAR TROLL has returned! Returned from his trip to the space supermarket for groceries. But what's this!? ALIENS are on the attack!
Have you got what it takes to defeat the evil alien army and navigate through dangerous asteroid fields?
Nov 04
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Announcing Star Troll for iOS, Android and Windows Phone!

STAR TROLL has returned! Returned from his trip to the space supermarket for groceries. But what's this!? ALIENS are on the attack!
Star Troll is our fun pixel space shooter, developed after our artist repeatedly threatened to spend all his days remaking all our games with pixels. Due for release in a few weeks, Star Troll will be available free on iOS, Android and Window Phone.
Here's a sneak peek at the lovely pixels, more to come over the next few weeks!