Nov 04
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DogGunnit is now Firedawgs

And there's a demo available on GameJolt!

Drive against the city's draining happiness meter to put out fires and earn cash!

This version is still very much a prototype with placeholder models and no textures. There are a few working power ups in there and leaderboards for some high score chasing. If you get a chance to let us know what you think we really appreciate all feedback.

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Oct 12
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Introducing DogGunnit, our latest game which sees you playing as a squad of fire dawgs. For release on PC and maybe console if we can get a publisher senpai to notice us and teach us the ways of console development (or at least can hook us up with a dev kit).
So far we've done 4 weeks of concept development, pitched the very early prototype to some folk at EGX and we've almost completed a demo we'll be releasing on GameJolt soon!
In those four weeks we created a test level with driving and hosing, random fires that grow in intensity, cool physics, basic city destruction, gameloop timer, traffic system (with working traffic lights!), human path finding system, score attack, stackable power-ups (including cash multiplier, fire shield & stronger hose), a map system and a working currency and banking system.
This development was completed as Stage 1 of the lottery funded Assembler program from Northern Ireland Screen and Arts Council of Northern Ireland. It was a great chance to play around with the ideas, test a load of different game ideas and evetually settle on how we want the game to progress.
It's been loads of fun so far! Going forward we're hoping to secure additional funding for development before pitching again to publishers. Our initial feedback was good but most said they'd want a more fleshed out prototype, even a vertical slice, before making any decisions on supporting us. We want to add:
Buildings to Buy - like the super soaker building that allows you to upgrade your hoses
Side Missions - As well as putting out fires do you fancy hosing stuck cats out of tress, helping a super hero fight a fire villain and cleaning up bird poo after the local youths fed the seagulls laxatives? We do! 
Upgrades - Your firehouse & firetruck, all city buildings and powerups are upgradable.
We're also still looking for a name. DogGunnit came from our earliest version where it was a cop and a dog, not sure it suits so much now. That and Fire Dawgs get thrown about the office quite a bit but we're happy to take suggestions too!
To keep up to date with the game you can follow us on Twitter or follow the game on GameJolt!

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