Oct 28
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Terramentals Post-Beta Post

Hey everyone just a little update post beta for Terramentals.

So we ran the beta and sent out all the invites last month and got a great response in terms of feedback. We got some really useful feedback for the game and we’re hoping to integrate into our roadmap for the game.

We’ve opened up the game here so anyone can play, so feel free to try it out if you haven’t already and see what you think of it so far. Here it is Terramentals Beta

So what’s our plan now? Well the beta was always meant as a proof of concept to test out many of the game components, but now as we move into production we’ve got quite a few changes to make. We’ve outlined them below here.


Campaign Mode

The campaign mode will feature different themed maps to play on and with different objectives. Some will involve routing all the monsters in an area, others defeating another character and some will involve capturing a very powerful Terramental.

Better Terrain System

One of the major improvements we’ll be working on is improving the Terrain system and how it affects the battle. We’re aiming to bring a more immediate and noticeable difference when you are on each terrain area as well as feedback visually as to what each terrain does and how it affects you.

More Feedback

One big improvement we’re aiming for is a ton more feedback as to what is happening during the game, from the visuals in the attacks to the visuals and feedback for what to do next all of this will be greatly improved.

Basic Tutorial

We’ll also be adding a nice little tutorial to quickly run through the game and all the features so people can quickly get up to speed on it.

Unique Terramentals 21 in all

In the beta there are only 3 different types of monsters in total, with their colours changed. We want to give each Terramental its own unique personality and feel, so each will look different, with 21 different characters in all

Special and Customisable Avatars

The avatars we used were just basic ones we used to quickly test the game, but we’d really love to give a more dynamic and better-suited character to the game.

Terramental Collections and Capturing

One of the things we wanted to get in the Beta but was quite complicated to understand in a 5 minute demo was monster capturing. The ability for avatars to capture enemy Terramentals. This is something we’re working on now

Terramental Leveling up system

We want to add the ability to level up your Terramentals and watch as they grow in strength.

More Dynamic and Fluid Movement

We’ll be improving the movements and cameras so that it has a little more action focus during the gameplay to keep things exciting.

Improved Visuals

The visuals will be going through a big change as we add the characters and we will be improving many of the existing art assets


We’ll of course be adding more music; something with a nice orchestrated feel.


That’s a few of the main changes we’ll be adding many of them decided from feedback from the beta from everyone. We’ll be working hard on these changes over the next few months and thank you to everyone that’s helped out so far. We’re going to keep the beta available for the next while so if you’d like to add any new feedback just head on over to this link and add any feedback in the bottom right panel called feedback.