Oct 12
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Introducing DogGunnit, our latest game which sees you playing as a squad of fire dawgs. For release on PC and maybe console if we can get a publisher senpai to notice us and teach us the ways of console development (or at least can hook us up with a dev kit).
So far we've done 4 weeks of concept development, pitched the very early prototype to some folk at EGX and we've almost completed a demo we'll be releasing on GameJolt soon!
In those four weeks we created a test level with driving and hosing, random fires that grow in intensity, cool physics, basic city destruction, gameloop timer, traffic system (with working traffic lights!), human path finding system, score attack, stackable power-ups (including cash multiplier, fire shield & stronger hose), a map system and a working currency and banking system.
This development was completed as Stage 1 of the lottery funded Assembler program from Northern Ireland Screen and Arts Council of Northern Ireland. It was a great chance to play around with the ideas, test a load of different game ideas and evetually settle on how we want the game to progress.
It's been loads of fun so far! Going forward we're hoping to secure additional funding for development before pitching again to publishers. Our initial feedback was good but most said they'd want a more fleshed out prototype, even a vertical slice, before making any decisions on supporting us. We want to add:
Buildings to Buy - like the super soaker building that allows you to upgrade your hoses
Side Missions - As well as putting out fires do you fancy hosing stuck cats out of tress, helping a super hero fight a fire villain and cleaning up bird poo after the local youths fed the seagulls laxatives? We do! 
Upgrades - Your firehouse & firetruck, all city buildings and powerups are upgradable.
We're also still looking for a name. DogGunnit came from our earliest version where it was a cop and a dog, not sure it suits so much now. That and Fire Dawgs get thrown about the office quite a bit but we're happy to take suggestions too!
To keep up to date with the game you can follow us on Twitter or follow the game on GameJolt!
Apr 15
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Chicken Jumper on iOS, Android and Windows Phone - Reviews

"Graphics are amazing", "simple but fun" and "addicting" are just some of the reviews we've had for Chicken Jumper so far.

If you've downloaded the game on iOS, Android or Windows Phone why not let us know what you think of Chicken Jumper by leaving your review now!

Chicken Jumper on iOS

Chicken Jumper on Android

Chicken Jumper on Windows Phone

If you haven't got Chicken Jumper yet then follow the links above to check out all the great reviews and download it for yourself! As one reviewer put it - "You can be a robot chicken! What more can you ask for?"

Apr 14
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Meet Chicken Jumper

Three weeks ago we began development on a game designed by local students, and it falls to me, a programmer at Troll Inc, to introduce you to the game without trying to bore you with too much information.

Meet Chicken Jumper, our new game thanks to local schools and the Creative Schools App Challenge, out now on AndroidiOS and Windows phone. The side scrolling endless runner will have you fighting over high scores as you try to be the best out of your friends as it has done with us in the office.

RUN! The crazy Felix the Fox is HUNGRY! And he has a massive craving for CHICKEN! Jump between the clouds and use the super power-ups to escape Felix's grasp! How long can YOU survive!? High speed arcade action! Fun, colourful graphics! Collect super power-ups!

The entire game was designed by five girls from a local school, Thornhill College, who got involved with the Creative Schools App challenge and would see their designs be turned into a fully fledged game.

The girls responsible for the design are;

Méabh Lynch

Emma Lynch

Rachel Biggs

Bronagh Feeney

Clódagh Laverty

The Creative Schools App Challenge powered by CultureTECH and funded by DCAL, saw pupils in teams of up to 5 members, from schools from across the North-West creating ideas for apps. Where the best were invited to a workshop to help develop their ideas into full designs with the help of local professionals. The best were shortlisted from the rest and were sent to local developers to turn the ideas into full apps. That’s where we come in, we were given two apps to develop, Chicken Jumper, and another, Medical Me. Both apps designed by local students and will be released to app store.

When development began 3 weeks ago, we all sat down and read through the application for the game and tried to figure out how the game would play and recognise the limits we had with the time given. The most important things to achieve were a quality prototype for the students for their great idea, but still manage to get the game completed within the deadline.

After the first week of development we had a solid prototype in place with all the core functionality we needed, now we could focus on making the game great and fun to play. We worked thoroughly on the game to make sure that the game felt right and gameplay was consistent. We sent the girls a copy of the game so far for any feedback, and fortunately they were happy with the progress we had made.

By the end of the second week, we were in a strong position with the game and were ready to look at preparing the game for release. We had the game sent up to the app store and as an added bonus to the original application we added the game to Android devices and Windows phone so that everyone can play the game.

I have been playing the game on my windows phone for the last week, trying to get the best score I can, but so far my best score, and the best score in the office, is 7618 but I’m sure it won't be too long until someone passes me again and I feel the urge to beat them and maintain my title as best in the office.


Go now and download the game, try to beat my score and try to be the best out of all your friends!

iOS Link

Android Link

Windows Phone Link