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Video Game Crafts

A great game can do many things, take you to kingdoms where princesses are to be rescued, abandon you in scary alien infested space, convince you there’s cake and make you time travel to 4am in a matter of minutes as you had ‘one more go’.

They can also inspire all manner of weird and wonderful fan made projects. Anything from Pac-Man to Portal can inspire some art or craft, I’ve gathered some of the best to prove my point!


Crochet & Knitting

As a needle and hook happy gamer myself I’m always most fascinated by these projects.

1. Knit Metroid Scarf by MadMouseMedia

2. Needlework Pokemon Master by Ally

3. Crochet Portal Blanket by DoctorMoo

4. Needlework Okami by Alison Harding

5. Quilted 1Up Mushroom Blanket by shan-E-bear


Perler and Hama Beads

Perfect for pixel art, there are millions of awesome Perler and Hama bead creations all over the net. I’ve been known to dabble with Hama beads the odd time (every pixel lover probably does), check out some of my own wee creations below.

I couldn’t possibly share all the great bead sprites out there but have already created the Perler Crafts Round Up.



Another cool way to express your inner fanboy, from simple weaving to full on high quality poster printing!

1. Papercut Piranha Plant by Cutting Pixels

2. Stencil Art Mushroom by Vickie Howell

3. Post-It Pac-Man

4. Poster Bioshock Education by TheInkBlot



If you’ve got the talent for it you can make cool plushies, teddies, cuddlies or whatever else you want to call them. The Super Meat Boy is my favourite!

1. Plush Super Meat Boy by MelloReflecions

2. Plush Zergling by Ange

3. Cosy Achievement Unlocked by SewTara



I’ve seen a load of cool stuff done with clay but I’ve never attempted it myself. Luckily my very talented friend, Dearbhla Smith, can work wonders with the stuff so I’ll never have to learn! Check out her Game Boy earrings!


This and That

There are that many cool video related crafts that can be made from anything, here’s a collection of some of my other favourites that don’t really fall into any category.

1. Xbox Controller Ring by egyptianruin

2. Mass Effect Apron by Bryana’s Designs

3. Pac-Man Ukulele by celentanowoodworks

4. Wonder Woman Apron by Bethany’s Sew & Sew

5. GLaDOS Cosplay

6. Comic Bows by SherryKCreations