Apr 02 Written by  Emz

Top 10 Video Game Shoes!

I love shoes, I love them so much you'd think I was a stereotype in a sitcom. Doesn't matter if it's real shoes or video game shoes, I love them all! In case you've been missing all the wonderful shoes out there in video game land here's 10 of the best!

10 - Sonic's Power Sneakers
Probably the first video game shoes you'll think of, Sonic's shoes are as iconic as his blue spikes and an obvious inclusion in any video game shoe list.

9 - Wanted, Amiga
I can't have a list of shoes of any kind without including some cowboy boots. The Gunslinger in Wanted just wants to shine his boots and shoot bad guys, and he's all out of shoe shine.

8 - Bayonetta's Gun Heels
Got an angel giving you hell? This girl knows how to deal with that and look great all at once!

7 - Chun Li, Street Fighter X Tekken
When you're famed for your lightning kicks you need a pair of boots that'll hold up. Chun Li's awesome white combat boots are just the ticket!

6 - Mario's Shoes
When you need to jump, jump and jump again these are your best choice. Ya-hoo!

5 - Samus, Metroid Prime and Super Smash Bros. Brawl
While her boots are technically part of her suits they are so beautiful that Samus deserves to makes my list.

4 - Link's Hover Boots, Ocarina of Time
These bad boys are stylish and practical, allowing you to walk on water. Be brave and trust in the boots!

3 - Kicks' Shoe Collection, New Leaf
Just when I thought Animal Crossing couldn't get any better they go and give Kicks his own shop. In New Leaf you can buy shoes, socks and tights to match any outfit, perfect! My favourite are the Ballet Slippers at the minute but it changes daily, so many shoes!

2 - Ashley, Resident Evil 4
Ah Ashley, you rock and suck all at once. I don't know how many times I've shot you in the head or sliced your bake because you got in my way. I can't hate you too much though, your boots are gorgeous, even when caught in bear traps!

1 - Her, Shoe 'Em Up
Okay so this one isn't even finished yet and it's my own game, but I didn't do the art so I'm allowed to include it as my favourite shoe from a game! It's only a tiny sneak peek but still enough to see it's the cutest pixel shoe bullet ever!