Mar 06 Written by  Emz

Video Game Music As You've (Probably) Never Heard It Before

Music in video games plays a major role in the experience, from setting the atmosphere to alerting you to danger, it can be something that sticks in your head forever or it can put you off a game altogether. Here, I've gathered some of the best alternative versions of classic video game music.

My favourite video game track ever has to be Big Blue from F-Zero. I couldn't find a good acapella version of it so Mute City, another brilliant track, earned a spot on this list instead. I played this in a car once and full expected it to transform into the Blue Falcon. It didn't but I was glad I'd worn my Captain Falcon outfit regardless.

Castlevania is a favourite in the office with one of our artists insisting it make this list, though this is my pick as the version of Vampire Killer you should check out.

Banjo-Kazooie is another game filled with absolutely brilliant music, loads of fun to listen to. Here the University of Maryland Gamer Symphony Orchestra give us their take on it with a medley.

Tetris is so widely known that even a slight humming of the first few notes will have everyone joining in quite quickly. I found a cool video of a business card that you can play Tetris on, yeah, a business card! The music is quite low but I was able to hear it okay with headphones, even without audio this business card is worth checking out.

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time is a fantastic game with a soundtrack to match. One of our programmers put it very well saying, "The Forest Temple's got one of the creepiest pieces of music ever. Really sets the tone for the first temple Link has to do as an adult. Everything's still a bit unknown and weird and the music really puts that across while it matched the visuals of the temple perfectly." There is no other version I'd rather share so we're going with the original here.

We recently posted a sneak peak of the music from one of our upcoming project, you can read more about how it was made here.

Another video I found while checking out the videos was The Evolution of Video Games Epic Medley, Made in Mario Paint Composer! This is great for a game of Name That Theme, it's what I'll be playing this lunchtime.