Feb 27 Written by  Cianan Mitchell

Grand Theft Audio

Recently we have been implementing audio into several of our games and thought it would be interesting to give you the lowdown on what’s done in this area. Our sound designer escaped (for a while) to The Oaks Recording Studio to record some sound effects for upcoming games.

The Oaks Recording Studio, located in Enniskillen, offer a professional and tranquil area to clients, ranging from Country to Extreme Metal bands and others. They also offer mobile recording in addition to studio based projects. The studio has been in operation for 10 years under the skilled, watchful eye of its owner and producer, John Moffatt. They have recently refurbished the studios live and control rooms, matching all industry and professional standards.  They are currently working on a vocal booth/amp cab room that will be available soon.


Our sound designer shared with us his experience of working with the studio, showing its unique way of working compared to other studios and how they gave him the freedom to use his creative ideas without the constraints that would occur in other studios.

When asked if there was a possibility of working with the studio in the future, he agreed saying

“The quality of production along with the speed and experience of the team makes the oaks a perfect location for any recordings.” The sound designer then went on to explain the process of making sounds, including chopping recorded sessions into individual sections and spacing them out to add other effects. However not all these sounds end up in the final game and a large amount of audio can end up unused.

There may be 50 takes at a jump grunt for example, but only 3 will be used in the final game”

Well I hope you enjoyed learning about the process and you can be sure that we will be bringing you more on this and The Oaks Recording Studio in the future.

There is also a new sneak peek at the music for our upcoming game.