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Who We Are

 Troll inc was founded in 2010 in Derry, Ireland and we've been making games ever since. We make games for everything, phones, tablets, PC, Mac and consoles.

Our focus is on ensuring the best gameplay possible for players with every game we make.

Our Team

Check out our team below

Jim Murray


Started Troll Inc back in the day and keeps us running along smoothly. Jim also works on designing Troll Inc games and is dedicated to growing our catalogue from mobile to console and PC games.
Likes: Zelda and tea

Emma Robinson

Business Development

Emma manages Business Development and enjoys going to events to meet publishers & partners, and to queue to play new games.  
Likes: F-Zero and WWE @AwesEmz

Thomas McCloskey

Senior Artist

With close to 15 years’ experience (& some cult indie games under his belt) Thomas brings a unique art style to Troll Inc. His passion for great games is evident in his highly polished design and artwork.
Likes: GoldenEye and horror @Gypopothomas

Michael Semple


We were lucky to have Michael join us on the placement year of his Uni Games Dev degree and have kept him since. Very passionate about games and this shows in his well-executed work.
Likes: Star Fox and the Matrix

Gavin Mc Laughlin


Co-founder and go-to tech guy, Gavin is in charge of coding and research. Works to continually streamline our processes and systems improving our development cycle with each game.
Likes: Pokémon and fast cars

Darragh Lydon

Senior Programmer

Lead programmer on our game projects, Darragh brings a wealth of experience and unlimited supply of offensive jokes, often coming up with great ways to improve on development and horrify guests.
Likes: Mario and football

Niall Doherty


Niall has been working in 3D art for around 6 years and is responsible for characters and modelling. His experience and dedication bring a focused approach to animation design.
Likes: Fallout and Donegal

Alan Monaghan

Sound Designer

Alan ‘Mullet’ Monaghan brings his musical background and love of games together to create music and effects. Generally found making strange noises in a corner.
Likes: Mario Kart and black metal

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